UAE in a Nutshell

Miles of Never-ending beautiful beaches, ruins dating back to the iron ages, strong Qahwa (Arabic coffee) and well-developed metropolitans- the Emirati landscape invites travelers of all tastes, from the historical buff to the thrill seeker, there is something for everyone. Step into the land where falconry and camel racing are a favorite sport, where animals are regarded as prized possessions. The United Arab Emirates has developed in so many ways and remains futuristic, just like its visionary leaders. Holidays in UAE will conjure up memories of a thrilling desert safari in the Dubai desert, a heartwarming visit to the Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi, a breathtaking visit to the Al Ain Oasis, a picturesque drive across the east coast and a scenic cruise in the Arabian Gulf. No matter where you choose to visit, be it Abu Dhabi, Dubai or any of the other 5 emirates, you will be touched by the warmth of the people. If your heart aches to find out the history of this futuristic land, then the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village or the Dubai Museum will educate you about its Bedouin heritage and the thriving income of pearl-diving, before they struck oil. Your experience is not just limited to sights; even the food is hearty, flavorful and boasts a smorgasbord of variety. Being the more open-minded of its other middle –eastern counterparts, UAE is quickly becoming a world favorite holiday destination that puts out something new every year.