Celebrate New Year in Abu Dhabi

There is no tried and tested way to welcome the new year. Just listen to your gut and greet the year with a blast. Desert Rose Tourism offers you a new way of embracing the new year with a new year eve desert party. Grab your friends and book this experience to enjoy the new year in the desert with bedouin entertainment.

Welcome your New Year resolutions with an Emirati note as you enjoy a variety of traditional entertainment. If you have made plans for a quiet night with the family, change your mind and bring them all to enjoy the Desert New Year Party. Who would give up spending a night in the comfort of the desert with the pleasant climate, cooling winds and a plethora of activities to keep you up until the countdown begins.

Six hours of desert fun is the best way to anxiously wait till the clock strikes twelve. Unleash your wild side and try sand skiing, a sport reminiscent of the desert just like ice skiing is to snow. Go dune bashing and experience a surge of adrenaline as your car bumpily traces the shapes of the lofty sand dunes. Take in the rolling landscape of the desert from the back of a majestic camel. Groove to the mesmerizing beat of the music of the dhabka and the DJ. Mesmerize your senses with a spinning performance of traditional tanoura dance before watching a live performance of the tantalizing Belly Dancing. Ladies make the New Year’s Eve celebration all the more grand by adorning your hands or feet with intricate henna designs while the kids enjoy their faces being painted any way they like. End the night with a tasty note by dining on a delicious BBQ buffet spread complimented with Arabic coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Are you ready to welcome the New Year with the style of the desert?

New Year Eve Packages

New Year Eve
Bus Pickup

AED249/per person

AED 200 / per child No Dune Bashing Shuttle by Bus 

New Year Eve
4x4 Pickup

AED349 /per person

AED 300 / per child Dune Bashing Shuttle by 4x4 Land cruiser 

Overnight NYE
Bus Pickup

AED449 /per person

AED 349 / per child No Dune Bashing Shuttle by BusOvernight Stay

New Year Eve

AED549 /per person

AED 449 / per childDune Bashing Overnight Stay Shuttle by 4x4 Land cruiser

Entertainments // Activities

nye abu dhabi Camel Riding & Sand Skiing

Camel Riding & Sand Skiing

Two of the activities that have become synonymous to the desert are camel riding and sand skiing. Riding a camel will allow you to scour the desert in a fashion similar to the ancient desert inhabitants, the Bedouins. The new perspective of the surrounding landscape and the lulling motion of the camel combine to form an unforgettable experience. Unleash the adventure of the desert sands by grabbing a board and going sand skiing down a lofty dune.

nye abu dhabi DJ Music

DJ Music

No party will be complete without music! Groove to the beats of the customized music of our DJs. Dance the night away to some of the latest and most happening numbers. Music sounds better when there’s a DJ around the corner. Enjoy a night full of good music and great dance performances.

nye abu dhabi Face Painting

Face Painting

From kids to adults everyone enjoys face painting. You can request our painters to paint your face like spiderman or a fairy and increase the celebrations for the new year.

nye abu dhabi Tanoura Dance

Tanoura Dance

A dance that pays tribute to nature and peaceful living, Tanoura dancing is a mesmerizing act that will occupy all o your senses. The dancers wear circular skirts with different colors that create varying patterns while they rotate. The rotation symbolizes the peaceful movement of the earth around the sun and the cycle of life

nye abu dhabi Belly Dance

Belly Dance

Belly dance was a traditional folk dance that has become internationally acclaimed because of the mesmerizing moves and fantastic music. The performers will make you wonder about their grace and admire how flexible their body is.

nye abu dhabi Indian Dance

Indian Dance

From romantic numbers to hip hop punjabi songs, indian music has a way of bringing out the dancer in us. Enjoy live dance performances with indian music and indian dance moves that will surely make your feet tap and hands sway to the addictive beat. Who said we can't have some indian fun in the desert?

nye abu dhabi fire dance

Fire Dance

Adding a colorful flair to the new year's eve celebrations, the fire dance show will awe you with vibrant dance moves. See the dancers incorporate fire in all their moves and witness them playing with fire.

nye abu dhabi Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoos have always been a mark of celebration in the Arab World. Why not join in on the New Year’s Eve celebrations by adorning your hands or feet with intricate designs. The aromatic smell of the paste and its rich red hue will get you all the more excited.

nye abu dhabi BBQ Food Spread

BBQ Food Spread

You always spend your New Year’s Eve hitting the buffet spots in town? This time, celebrate the night with a scrumptious BBQ spread that will tempt the heart of every foodie. Eat the night away with a plethora of salads, rice dishes, tender meat and decadent deserts. Isn’t trying out food one of the best ways to begin the New Year.

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