Desert Rose Curated Liwa Tours List

Book Our thrill and excitement of dune bashing Liwa 4x4 desert tours that make you experience the Tel Moreeb, world's tallest sand dunes & Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter), world's most must visit desert landscape. Choose the best suits your travel plan.

The Empty Quarter's Adventures

Liwa Desert Camel

Meandering camels, lively hues of nature and hefty dunes are yours to explore with a mind-blowing adventure in the desert of the Empty Quarter.

The edge of the world's largest sand desert is only two hours south of central Abu Dhabi. The Empty Quarter, often known as the Rub Al Khali, is a massive sandscape that is larger than France. Enjoy a day out in the desert, where towering high rises are replaced by a seemingly limitless stretch of camels crossing the desert, dazzling colors, and mighty dunes, a world apart from the hectic pace of the city.

The Liwa Forts are worth seeing.

In the suburbs of the Empty Quarter is the Liwa Oasis. This contains a monumental collection of numerous forts. These are as old as the second century. Take a drive to the northern half of the Oasis to see the best of the remaining isolated structures. These ancient mud-brick forts resemble sandcastles and offer some of the best views of the surrounding palm plantations and rolling desert dunes. Only a few have been restored in order to protect and preserve the amazing history of these old structures. The Dhafeer Fort is a tiny fortification situated among the dunes that best reflects the region's historic mud-brick construction. The Mezaira'a Fort, a tiny and attractive stronghold flanked with watchtowers and high walls for powerful defense, is one of the most accessible to see.

Tackle the Scary Mountain

Liwa Desert Camel

To reach one of the world's most epic sand dunes, travel about 30 kilometers south of Mezaira'a, the centre of the Liwa Oasis. With a height of nearly 300 meters, Tal Moreeb is the highest dune in the desert. In the Arabic dialect, it means ‘Scary Mountain.’ The scenery from the bottom of the great sandhill is a terrific sight to behold. You can also climb for a better view of the never-ending sands of the desert. You can reach the sandhill by taking the paved road leading directly to it. Though a little difficult to climb, it's doable – just bring plenty of water – or, if you've brought a four-wheel drive, you can skip the effort and drive directly to the top. Come here for the most picturesque vistas at daybreak or sunset, avoiding the best of the mid-day crowds and intense heat.

Thrill-seeking in the desert

The wide Rub Al Khali terrain is the perfect blank canvas for adrenaline-fueled pursuits, with miles upon miles of vacant desert. Desert Rose Bedouin Camp, located about an hour and a half outside the city, is a one-of-a-kind location buried among the dunes that gives a taste of Bedouin history along with a selection of captivating events and excursions. Quad biking and sand surfing are two of the wildest ways to get active in the desert, but you can also try a fat-tyre bike or dune bashing along the golden dunes, which is a local specialty. Camel trekking is one of the most popular and must-do activities in the Empty Quarter; these locals have a long history in the area, thus a camel ride across the dunes is a must-do activity.

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