Morning Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

  • Ride the contours of the bumpy dunes in a dune bashing session
  • Get your balance right as you go sand skiing down a dune
  • Follow your Bedouin guide and enjoy a ride on the back of a camel
Be prepared for a morning full of excitement, thrill and the desert in this morning desert safari.

After your pick up from the hotel, you will be driven to the desert where your dune drive will begin. Ride the bumpy dunes and feel your adrenaline rise with every soar and pitfall. Once you have traced every contour of the dunes in your comfortable land cruiser, give sand skiing a go. Put your balance skills to the test as you slide down a slopey down on your sand board. After enjoying the modern morning safari abu dhabi activity, you will be taken to the camp where your Bedouin guide will welcome you. Follow their lead and mount the back of a camel to go on a relaxing ride full of perspective. Once you are done you will understand why the Bedouins chose camels as their favorite mode of transport. The Abu Dhabi morning desert safari is the ideal tour for those who want to explore the desert and taste it's adventures.

Experience a morning desert safari in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy a morning in the desert with plenty to see and do.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONAny city hotels & malls in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi port
TOUR TIMING8.00 am to 12.00 pm
Pick up and drop off
Visit to camel farm
Dune drive
Camel riding
Sand boarding
Arabic coffee, tea and dates at camp site
Quad Bike (available for rent)

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Experience the Magical Morning Safari in Abu Dhabi with Desert Rose Tourism

Welcome to the captivating universe of Desert Rose Tourism, where we welcome you to set out on an unprecedented morning safari experience in Abu Dhabi. As the sun ascends over the brilliant sands, submerge yourself in the spellbinding excellence of the desert scene. Let us take you on an excursion loaded with energy, quietness, and unrivaled regular magnificence.

The Ideal Beginning to Your Day: Morning Safari Highlights

Our morning safari experience is intended to offer you an extraordinary and strengthening start to your day. Start your experience with an agreeable pickup from your convenience in Abu Dhabi, and let our master guides lead you to the core of the entrancing desert. Feel the excitement of the rises underneath you as you adventure into the immense, immaculate magnificence of the Abu Dhabi desert.

As you cross the moving sands, witness the supernatural change of varieties overhead as the sun climbs. The morning light projects a warm shine over the scene, making a stunning display that will remain with you until the end. The quietness of the morning desert gives the ideal setting for a peaceful and vivid experience in yourMorning Safari Abu Dhabi.

Exciting Ridge Slamming Activities

Clutch your seats as our talented drivers take you on an adrenaline-siphoning ridge-slamming ride. Feel the energy as you explore the difficult landscape of the desert hills, making recollections that will endure forever. Our morning safari likewise offers experience exercises for those looking for additional energy, including sandboarding - an exhilarating encounter for experienced lovers, everything being equal.

A Brief Look into Bedouin Culture: Camel Riding and Falconry

Drench yourself in the rich legacy of the Middle Eastern desert with our social encounters. Take a relaxed camel ride and interface with the old Bedouin lifestyle. Our educated aides will share interesting experiences into the set of experiences and customs of the desert wanderers, giving a more profound comprehension of this extraordinary and immortal culture.

Try to avoid botching the chance to observe the craft of falconry, a deep-rooted practice that grandstands the amazing connection between the bird of prey and its controller. Find out about the meaning of falconry in Emirati culture and witness the great birds in real life against the setting of the immense desert spread.

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